Tough Weekend for the Broncos on and off the Field

ATLANTA- At the beginning of the 2010 college football season Boise State was the predetermined Cinderella to make a run at the BCS National Championship game.  Until roughly 2 AM on the east coast Saturday morning Boise State had dreams of playing for the crystal football given to the years champion.  Rounding out the weekend in which the Nevada Wolf Pack defeated the Broncos 34-31 (OT), TCU #3 team in the BCS twists the dagger a bit deeper into Boise’s wounds.

ESPN is reporting that Texas Christian University will accept an invitation to join the Big East beginning in 2012-2013.  The Horned Frogs not only held on to their claims of being the best non-BCS school in the running for a title shot, but have but themselves in a position to improve their athletic program long into the future.

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Recruiting Evaluation Needs to be Reexamined

ATHENS- So Georgia saw Cam Newton as more of a fit at tight end?  I do not know about the rest of Georgia Bulldog fans, but this has me scratching my head.  The nations front-runner for the Heisman Trophy was recruited to Georgia to play tight end?  For his sake, good thing he did not sign with the Bulldogs.

Obviously, Newton’s success on the field has proven that he can play quarterback at the collegiate level.  While his character and recruitment have been scrutinized lately, one thing is for sure; he is a darn good quarterback.

The question now has to be asked, how good is Rodney Garner and Georgia’s recruiting staff that they cannot evaluate Newton as a fit at quarterback for the Bulldog’s?

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The Saga Continues… Who is this Cam Newton?

ATLANTA- War Scam Eagle! Scam Newton! By now, we’ve heard them all.  The Saga of Cam Newton’s Recruitment will surely be the title of an upcoming sports drama to hit the silver screen, but for now the reality show takes a new twist.

Joe Schad of ESPN reports that two recruiters for Mississippi State said that Cecil and Cam Newton admitted in two separate phone conversations to a pay for play plan while Newton was being recruited last year.

But, it is what Newton did not say when he addressed the media on Tuesday that has me concerned about the situation.

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Tough Loss Has Georgia Fans Questioning a Bowl Appearance

ATHENS-  “A long ride back from Jacksonville, 500 miles from a game we should have won…” I lived the Corey Smith song once again.  Every Dawg has his day, but Saturday was not the day for the Georgia Dawgs.  At roughly 8 PM Saturday night, Georgia fans dreams of winning the SEC east turned into prayers that Georgia would become bowl eligible.  Needing two wins in the last three games, where do Georgia fans go from here?

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Who is Ready for a Cocktail Party?

ATHENS- Cocktail anyone?  None for Georgia football players please.  The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party has a new look this season but is still a critical matchup to decide who might represent the SEC east in the conference title game.  For the first time in 31 years neither team is ranked in the top 25.  Not only is neither team ranked, but also neither team has a winning record in the SEC (Florida 2-3, Georgia 3-3).  This year’s annual Georgia-Florida game may not carry the same national prestige as it has in years past but there is no doubt that it carries huge weight in the race for the SEC east crown.

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The BCS: Who Will Raise The Crystal Ball?

ATLANTA-  The BCS rankings have not been out for 24 hours and there is already heated debate as to who the number one team in the nation really is. If the season ended today, Oklahoma and Oregon would be playing in the BCS national championship game. Over the past 5 seasons, dating back to 2005, the eventual national champion has never been ranked number one in the first BCS ranking. USC is the last team to win a championship that was ranked number one when the BCS rankings were first released and they did that in 2004. Florida is the only team to win or make the championship game coming from outside of the top five when the rankings were first released.  The Gators were ranked sixth.  Knowing this information, who do fans, coaches, and media members think will raise the crystal ball at the end of the season?

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Instant Replay in Baseball: What is it going to take?

ATLANTA- Technology is rapidly changing and with these advancements it intrigues me how people respond to change.  For instance, my grandfather has never and will never own a computer.  Not because it will not help him, but he cannot understand how to operate one of these new fangled devices.  Similar to my grandfather, Major League Baseball is struggling to adapt to changes but for completely different reasons.  Instant replay is not an unknown commodity among sports leagues but baseball traditionalist believe that it changes the roots of the game.  The question I pose to traditionalist and everyone else is what will it take to implement instant replay into the MLB?

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