Losing Ground but Keeping Pace

ATLANTA- The Braves are 6-7 over their last 13 games dating back to the series sweep by the Rockies.  If the Phillies win both of their games today against the Marlins they could take the lead in the east if the Braves were to lose in Pittsburgh.

While I believe the Braves are certainly capable of beating the Pirates, if Atlanta was to lose their place atop the NL east would we be able to get it back?

Unfortunately, the rest of Philadelphia’s schedule is pretty easy.  They have two series with each of the teams in the NL east to close out the season.  The Braves have a similar lay out, but Atlanta has a 4 game series with St. Louis this weekend that could hinder our chances of staying a top the NL east for the moment.

Ultimately I think the NL east race is going to come down to the 6 head to head games left on the schedule between these two teams, but the other 16 games could play a big part as well.  Whoever has the division lead going into the last 9 games is going to have a distinct advantage, obviously.

If the Braves can sweep the Pirates, and split or win the 4 game series with the Cardinals, I think they will be in good shape down the stretch.  But, they need to take 5 of their next 7 games.   If we get 6 of 7, that’s great! But, we need to finish solid against the teams outside of our division.

Then… All bets are off.  It is going to be a knock down drag out fight to win the east.  I think the Braves can do it, I want the Braves to do it, and I believe the Braves can do it! McCann’s been hot over the last few series, and he is this teams veteran leader.

After this week, the Bravos will have to beat the east to win the east.  Get your tomahawks ready, because this is going to be a great race for the pennant.

-Zack Price

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One Response to Losing Ground but Keeping Pace

  1. erikacc says:

    woo! go braves!

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