Cowherd Bashes Jackets

ATLANTA- ESPN radio and tv personality, Collin Cowherd, host of “The Herd” and “Sports Nation” took a jab at the ACC and Georgia Tech in the aftermath of Mondays thriller.

“Nothing against the ACC, but FSU and Miami have eroded. North Carolina is loaded but depleted,” Cowherd said. “They don’t have the one program like an Alabama, Florida, Texas or USC, the go-to program in the big games.”

When it comes to the ACC, Cowherd is right.  Florida State and Miami, I think, have eroded but are now on the rise again.  But, nowhere near the programs they once were.  Virginia Tech is 1-26 against top five opponents and have proven to soil themselves on the big stage time and time again.  Clemson has struggled to break into a national discussion and in 2009 Georgia Tech’s greatest team in a decade could not beat a bad Georgia team.

The fact of the matter is, the ACC is struggling.  This is not a permanent condition, it will change in time because college football has away of constantly changing.

But, Cowherd’s described Paul Johnson’s offense as “clever”, “unconventional”, and “goofy”.

Jackets every where threw their arms in the air and cursed ESPN for not knowing a thing of which they speak of.  While I can say that I have been there and that I feel your pain, I am not sympathetic.

Take your Georgia Tech hat off for a second and consider what Cowherd is saying.  The triple option offense is “clever”, “unconventional”, and in a way “goofy”.  When teams all across the land are moving more towards a spread passing attack, the Jackets went to the extreme right and have developed a run based option attack.  Johnson’s offense has given the Jackets a 20-7 record in its first two seasons and one ACC championship.  Pretty good if I must say so myself.

But, why did you have this success?  It is not that your players were better than the opposition, in some cases they were but not all.  The reason Tech has had so much success the past two seasons is because no one knew how to defend this “unconventional”, “goofy” offense.

I said long ago, when Johnson was first hired, that Georgia Tech would have success on offense. But, that three years in to the program they would start to struggle because teams will have seen them a few times and know how to attack this offense.  Teams such as Virginia Tech and Miami will know what worked or did not work from the previous games and be able to adjust and prepare rather than react.  Once a team stops the option, where will Johnson go?  In 2008 against UNC and LSU the Jackets option attack was stopped and they had no answer.  Last year in the Orange Bowl, Iowa slowed down the Jackets and held them off.  Where will Johnson find production when more and more teams start to slow the option down?

Jacket fans are ready to crown Paul Johnson a king and hang Collin Cowherd, but take a step back and look at your program for what it is.  Johnson’s challenge will be to sustain his success over a longer period of time then just two years.  If he doesn’t do this, the Jackets will end up like West Virginia of a few years ago.  Without the work horse Jonathon Dwyer and wide receiver Demaryious Thomas, how will Georgia Tech fair this season?

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