Kennesaw State to Announce Football Team

KENNESAW- Kennesaw State University will announce next Wednesday, September 15th what their “Football Exploratory Committee” led by Georgia sports legend Vince Dooley has decided about football becoming a sport at the university.

Whether the committee actually found a reason to start a football program or not, I believe the announcement will undoubtedly sound like there is a viable reason for football at Kennesaw State.  From what I have heard around campus, is that the committee tried to address some potential problems that a football team would bring to Kennesaw State but those concerns were swiftly brushed aside with out much consideration.    This is not fact, not confirmed, but just what I have heard.

Personally, I think a football team at Kennesaw State is long overdue.  Financially this is not the most optimal time to start a new program of any kind especially football, but in the long run I think it could greatly benefit Kennesaw State.  The Fightin’ Owls football program may not produce the kind of revenue as a Georgia or Georgia Tech, but I think that it could eventually sustain itself.

Again, I have no inside knowledge as to what the university will decide, but if football is going to become a part of Kennesaw State athletics there will be some interesting decisions that the department will have to address.  The issue of Title IX that was established to give female athletes equal play opportunities at the collegiate level.   Title IX states an athletic department must give scholarships according to the student population of the university.  For example, Kennesaw State has a student population of roughly 60% female and 40% male.  This means that 60% of the athletic scholarships must be given to female athletes and 40% to males.

For Kennesaw State to add a football program, they will either need to add more female sports to their department or cut some male sports.  During this off-season, the Owl’s track and field program took a hit as they lost much of their coaching staff.    My initial reaction was that Men’s Track and Field was in jeopardy of being cut, but Kennesaw announced September 7th that Andy Eggerth from Kansas State will take over as head coach.  Hopefully, they have not hired a coach for track and field to then cut the men’s program.  If they chose not to cut sports and in turn add more women’s sports, what will they add?  Equestrian, swimming, and rowing are just a few on my mind as potential additions.

All in all, next Wednesday will be a huge day for Kennesaw State athletics.  Stay tuned for more information and updates on the direction of Kennesaw States sport programs.

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