Disappointment all around…

ATLANTA- If there was ever a worse weekend in sports for the Atlanta teams, I do not remember it. Georgia, Georgia Tech, Georgia State all lost their football games this weekend. The Braves split their series with the visiting Cardinals, and the Falcons lost on the road in Pittsburgh. And, a side note, the Atlanta Dream lost the WNBA finals opener to Seattle.

The Yellow Jackets traveled to Lawrence, Kansas to play the Jay Hawks who were coming off a disappointing loss to North Dakota State last week. Tech was not able to pull off the road victory and Kansas upset the Jackets 28-25.

Mark Richt and the Bulldogs traveled to Columbia, SC to face their first real test of the season against Steve Spurrier and the Gamecocks. To the disappointment of many Georgia fans, the Dawgs could not get any offensive production and fell victim 17-6.

With these losses both Tech and Georgia fell out of the top 25 rankings.

In Pittsburgh, the Falcons had similar offensive struggles. Michael Turner could not find any running lanes and Matt Ryan had an underachieving performance at the quarterback position. In a game that many Falcons fans assumed would be a victory due to Big Ben’s suspension and Leftwich’s injury, Atlanta lost 15-9 in overtime.

Away from the football field, the Atlanta Braves are fighting for their playoff lives. The Braves had a horrible series in Pittsburgh, but believed they could bounce back at home against the Cards. After a series split, Atlanta fans find ourselves in the same position as we were when we started the series, one game back of the Phillies.

It was a disappointing sports weekend for fans of any of the Atlanta teams. Rather than go on and on about what could have been in any of the games I will ask one simple question. What was the most disappointing defeat of the weekend?

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