KSU! Are You Ready For Some Football?

KENNESAW-  “Football has come to Kansas State University,” says Vince Dooley.  Other than the unfortunate reminder that we are the other “KSU” in the nation, Wednesday September 15th was a historic day for Kennesaw State athletics.  And do not forget, you heard it here first.

“Football should be in KSU’s future,” said Kennesaw State President Dr. Papp, “Now we must set about the task of making that happen.”

Now the plan will be set into motion.  If anyone knows an angel like T. Boone Pickens, Papp explained I would love to talk to him but until then we plan on playing football in the fall of 2014.  The first order of business is funding.  Pickens donated roughly 225 million dollars to Oklahoma State athletics.  Kennesaw State does not need 225 million, but unless we find someone who will donate a few million the Owl’s will rely on student fees to raise money for football.  The university cannot raise fees for athletics until 2013.

If all goes to plan and funds are raised, Kennesaw will sign a coach and recruiting class for 2013.  The Owl’s will follow the footsteps of Georgia State and Old Dominion in starting their own football program.  Their first class will redshirt and begin play in the fall of 2014 with a roster full of redshirt and true freshman.

The Fighting Owl’s will likely join one of three conferences, Southern, Ohio Valley, or Colonial.  Each conference would provide a geographical rival for the Owl’s.  The Sothern Conference has Georgia Southern in Statesboro, Ga.  Georgia State has joined the Colonial Conference and Jacksonville State in Alabama is a member of the Ohio Valley Conference.

While I believe the Colonial Conference would provide Kennesaw with the best rivalry opportunity with Georgia State, I do not think they will add another team.  I could be wrong, but I think we will end up in the Southern or Ohio Valley Conference.

The Owl’s will play in the new soccer stadium that was built for women’s soccer.  The beautiful facility currently holds 8,500 fans.  Will the university expand the stadium to hold more people?  The ribbon was just recently cut on the stadium and we are already starting to talk expansion.  But, from personally attending a game at the stadium, it was not built for soccer.  Kennesaw had football in mind when they designed the facility.

Before we get a football team, we will have to hire a new athletic director.  Dr. Papp elaborated on that and said the search will begin in January of 2011.

If you attended the press conference, or were even on campus, you could feel the buzz in the air.  There was electricity on campus that I have never felt during my time at Kennesaw State.  Students were chirping about tailgate spots, rivalries, and fight songs.  Fight songs? Kennesaw State students were feeling a little bit of pride today.  Today was a historic day for Kennesaw State University! College football here we come.

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One Response to KSU! Are You Ready For Some Football?

  1. Stephen says:

    Wow, that’s great for KSU, I know that will really help bring not only more potential students to the University but bring new life to Kennesaw. Zack how can I get a job on that football administration? Hah, we need to make this happen. I’m a West Georgia wolf at heart but I would not mind at all to catch a KSU game from time to time. Looking forward to seeing how this program comes out the gate.

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