Da Falcons Say They Beat Them Saints

ATLANTA-  Who dat? Who day? Who dat say goin’ beat dem Saints?  Da Falcons say dat.  Whether you believe the Saints should have made the field goal in over time or Drew Brees did not play like him self, it does not matter.  The Falcons beat the Saints on their home field.  The victory sent me jumping out of my chair with fists raised high and pride billowing out from with in.

TGFF, thank God for the Falcons.  In the rest of the Atlanta sports scene teams are falling by the way side but the Atlanta Falcons are keeping Atlantans heads high.  Unfortunately, I did not get to see the first three quarters of the game because I was performing my play-by-play duties for a Kennesaw State soccer game on Sunday.  But, I saw the most exciting moments in recent Falcons history.

Falcon fans enjoyed some good success in Matt Ryan’s first year as a dirty bird, but Matty Ice and the boys struggled to make the play offs last year.  Albeit, they did manage to get the back to back winning seasons monkey off the organizations back.  Now is the time! If Ryan and Turner stay healthy the 2010 Atlanta Falcons team could make a charge towards the south division championship.

Get excited! Next week the Falcons host the Niners who tend to struggle on the road.  If the birds can take care of the gold diggers, they will head north to take the on the Browns.  These two games look very appealing to Falcons fans.  I believe Atlanta could be 4-1 when they travel to Philadelphia to face Mr. Vick and company.

Falcon fans get pumped! Bulldog and Jacket fans might as well do the dirty bird because that will be the most exciting season being played in Atlanta.  Who dat say gonna beat them Falcons? No… That just doesn’t work.

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