Headed In the Right Direction on the Field, but the Wrong Direction Off

ATHENS- On the coat tails of Georgia’s best win this season, Caleb King brought Bulldog fans back down to earth.  While on the field Georgia looked to be headed in the right direction, off the field the Dawgs remain unchanged.  Rather then bash a 22-year-old college athlete; I want to pose the question.  What is more likely to get Mark Richt fired, his players’ performance on the field or their performance off?

As it stands, Georgia has two wins this season compared to 11 arrests so far in 2010.  To the average Georgia fan what is more embarrassing?

Looking at the schedule moving forward Georgia plays Vanderbilt this weekend for homecoming and then travels to Kentucky to square off with the Wildcats just before their meeting with the Gators in Jacksonville.  The Bulldogs will come home to host Idaho State before traveling to Auburn to face the currently unbeaten Auburn Tigers.  Georgia will then end their season with the traditional instate rival paying a visit to Sanford stadium to tee it up between the hedges.

My gut feeling tells me that Georgia’s demolition of Tennessee this past Saturday was in large part do to the Volunteer’s inability to do just about anything right.  The Bulldogs looked much better in on both sides of the ball, but they also benefited from just about ever break going their way.  With that being said, Georgia is not completely fixed.

I firmly believe that Georgia will beat Vanderbilt, especially with that game being at home.  With Caleb King in the game, I think the Dawgs could get a victory in Lexington.  But, King’s suspension hurts Georgia because he has been their most consistent runner.  With Kings absence and Georgia’s inability to find production on the road, I think the Bulldogs lose to Kentucky.

Florida is beatable this season, but I have not seen enough success from Georgia to believe they can pull the upset.  But, as a side note, I would not be completely surprised to see a Georgia upset over Florida.  Georgia is way down and could catch the Gators sleeping.  And, it would be our luck to beat Florida in one of our worst seasons in recent history.  I am not predicting anything, I am just saying.  My gut feeling is that the Gators win.

There is no way Georgia will lose to Idaho State.  Period.  If such an upset occurred I would fire everyone on the spot, but fans do not have to worry because that will not happen.  Unfortunately, I do not think Georgia’s defense can handle Cam Newton and Georgia will lose to Auburn.  In the season’s finale, I am torn.  I truly think Georgia is the better team and will beat Tech.  I think Georgia Tech will have a better record for the most part padded by insignificant ACC games.  I am going to call it push for now.

So, Georgia finishes 5-7 or 4-8.  Does Richt get the boot?  I am not asking if you want Richt to be gone.  If you were McGarity and you had been on the job for a just a few months would you fire Richt?

Now, consider the performance off the field.  Georgia has become a mess when it comes to discipline and behavior off the field.  Chalk it up to a lack of respect for authority, stupidity, or just plain negligence; something has gone completely astray in Georgia’s football program.

I do not place the blame completely around Richt’s neck but the train has come off the track.  My thought is hire someone to keep these kids out of trouble.  A buddy of mine said on the way to the Braves game last night that he would gladly take the job.  Find some way to keep these kids from committing stupid mistakes.  You cannot keep a kid from getting in a wreck and fleeing the scene, but you can make sure he has a driver’s license.

Georgia has had season’s when the scoreboard was not exactly kind.  But, fans could still support the team.  In my opinion, it is hard to completely support Georgia because of all the off the field nonsense.  I believe a lot of the hostility among Bulldog fans is because they do not want to see the program turned into this mess.  Players are spending nights in jail rather then spending nights preparing for upcoming opponents.

So, Georgia finishes 5-7 or 4-8 with 2 more arrests.  Does Richt get fired?   If not, what is the tipping point?  Where do we as Georgia fans draw the line?  I can suffer through a few years of poor records, but I cannot continue to read articles about Bulldog players getting arrested.  To me, the season record will not be what gets Richt fired this year, next year, or the year after that.  The discipline in Georgia’s football program has to be restored, because it hurts me too much to see the program going in this direction.  Georgia is better then this, and fans deserve better then this.


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4 Responses to Headed In the Right Direction on the Field, but the Wrong Direction Off

  1. BoWeevil says:

    # 22 in won / loss record 2006 through 2010

    # 2 in Fulmer Cup All-Time Standings 2006-2010

  2. FaithfulDawg86 says:

    You are (presumably) a professional writer, so please learn to spell and use punctuation correctly. The downright ignorance of some Georgia fans (and alums) is way more embarrassing than a kid not paying a speeding ticket.

  3. Steve D says:

    Way to take a stand. “I think they could lose this game, but I could see them winning it too.”

  4. Well thought out and written, Zach, regardless of what FaithfulDawg86 says. Take away the embarrassing arrests and suspensions and the Dawgs are probably 5-1 (8-1 going into Florida’s game). Looks like they will take to the air this week without a running game (unless the frosh RB plays and breaks away – the coaches waited too long for Knowshon to play, don’t you know). The TEs make the difference this week.

    And FaithfulDawg86, this is a blog, not a major media blog either. Total ignorance is inexcusable, yes, but I can tolerate a few typos or misspells when posting. The subject and content was timely and informative enough to draw you here (and read it). So, lay off the insults… or stick with the NY Times (even they have mistakes, you putz).

    Go Dawgs! Sink the ‘Dores! Woof-woof!

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