Tough Loss Has Georgia Fans Questioning a Bowl Appearance

ATHENS-  “A long ride back from Jacksonville, 500 miles from a game we should have won…” I lived the Corey Smith song once again.  Every Dawg has his day, but Saturday was not the day for the Georgia Dawgs.  At roughly 8 PM Saturday night, Georgia fans dreams of winning the SEC east turned into prayers that Georgia would become bowl eligible.  Needing two wins in the last three games, where do Georgia fans go from here?

By now the professional analysts have already beat this game to death and the opinion of a 22-year-old college student is not going to provide much more then Dawg fans already know.  The Bulldogs were scared of the name on the side of their opponents helmet in the first half and mounted a great come back to get the game to overtime.  No Chris Rainey should not have been allowed to play but the Bulldogs beat themselves in the first half, which ultimately cost them the game.  When Georgia tied the game at 31 late in the fourth quarter some students behind me started chanting, “It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog.”   After explaining to them that the game was not over and the score was in fact tied, I thought to myself, is that what Georgia has come to?  It is now great to be a Bulldog when we are merely tied with Florida?  I threw that thought away and chalked it up to a few drunken fraternity brothers but could be a little food for thought later on when one is bored.

If you do not know the scenario I will briefly lay it out for you, Georgia needs to win two games out of their last three to be eligible for a bowl game this season.  It is as simple as that.  At this time last week fans dreaming of winning the remaining four games and going to the SEC championship, but those dreams were crushed and it ultimately comes down to this.  Barring an all out collapse Georgia will beat Idaho State this weekend and will need to beat either Auburn or Georgia Tech to make it to post season play.

The way Georgia played in the second half against Florida; I believe they could compete with Auburn.  But, Cam Newton is much harder to bring down then Trey Burton or John Brantley and I think Auburn will ultimately end Georgia’s streak over the War Eagle Tigers.  This is it folks, it all comes down to Tech.  Tech will likely be 6-5 entering their game against the Dawgs so they will have already thrown their hat into the list of bowl eligible teams.  I honestly believe that Georgia is the better team in this game and should beat Georgia Tech.  But, if the Bulldogs play like they did for the first 30 minutes against Florida they will lose against the Jackets.  The Techies will like nothing more then to keep Georgia from reaching a bowl in 2010 and they will not lie down.

Rather then argue about whether the Jackets or the Dawgs are better for the next four weeks, I want to ask Bulldog fans if they really care about going to a bowl game this year?  I know it seems ludicrous but I have read numerous message boards and blog posts that fans would rather decline a bowl at 6-6 or not go at all.  Is this the consensus feeling amongst Georgia fans?  I know this season has been down right awful, but I am still not ready to throw in the towel.  I would much rather go to a bowl game with a chance to go 7-6 then turn in a 5-7 season.  I know that comments on a message board do not represent Georgia fans as a whole but would you rather finish 5-7 and miss a bowl appearance?  Or would fans be too ashamed to go to a bowl game at 6-6?  I have scene the Bulldogs improve each week and I would like to have a chance to watch a 13th game this season.

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2 Responses to Tough Loss Has Georgia Fans Questioning a Bowl Appearance

  1. Barkin'Dog says:

    ANYONE who thinks the Dawgs should not go to a bowl game, if offered (and qualified), is NOT a Bulldog fan. They should go find another team to rip up.

    Bowl season is an extension opportunity for more practice, and the Dawgs obviously could use it. I believe any team with a comparable record to Georgia’s would get killed by the Dawgs in that bowl game. And I, for one, want a winning season… even if it takes 13 games to do it.

    BTW, I’m not ruling out an upset of #2 Auburn either. Although the Barners will be out for revenge in a big way (may even ‘black out’ the place 😉 But, the Dawgs have had their number the past 4 years and, like Florida, some streaks are hard to break.

  2. GoDawgsSicEm says:

    Of course I want a bowl appearance. I agree with Barkin Dog…Georgia fan through & through. When it’s rough, I still will yell Glory, Glory & yell for the Dawgs until the end of the season. A chance for a winning record, at this point, is definitely ideal & desired. I want the best for the team & the program, which means going to a bowl game (no matter how awful it is) & competing for a winning record. Hands down, no questions asked.

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