Recruiting Evaluation Needs to be Reexamined

ATHENS- So Georgia saw Cam Newton as more of a fit at tight end?  I do not know about the rest of Georgia Bulldog fans, but this has me scratching my head.  The nations front-runner for the Heisman Trophy was recruited to Georgia to play tight end?  For his sake, good thing he did not sign with the Bulldogs.

Obviously, Newton’s success on the field has proven that he can play quarterback at the collegiate level.  While his character and recruitment have been scrutinized lately, one thing is for sure; he is a darn good quarterback.

The question now has to be asked, how good is Rodney Garner and Georgia’s recruiting staff that they cannot evaluate Newton as a fit at quarterback for the Bulldog’s?

“We actually had him pegged as more of a tight end prospect,” said Richt at Tuesdays news conference “a lot of it had to do with what we like to do offensively, more of a fit than any disrespect to his type of ability to play quarterback. He’s proven to be pretty darn good though.”

To clarify these statements a bit more for Georgia fans, Logan Gray was a better fit to play quarterback for the Bulldogs then Cam Newton.  The athletic quarterback Logan Gray was believed to be a dual threat quarterback and signed in 2007 the same class as Newton.  The coaching staff can say what they want, but they did not neglect Newton’s ability to play quarterback believing he did not fit the system because Gray has a similar style of play.  The staff just missed it.  Now Cam Newton is the Heisman front-runner and Logan Gray is a wide receiver.

The same staff that decided to red shirt Knowshon Moreno believed Cam Netwon was a better fit at tight end.  Seems to me that someone needs to evaluate the Bulldogs evaluation system.  Mark Richt may be making light of this situation, but it is a little embarrassing to me.


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3 Responses to Recruiting Evaluation Needs to be Reexamined

  1. It is always entertaining in one respect to read “evaluations” of sportswriters who if you sat down one on one and debated their knowledge of the game of football you would find very little competition. “Arm chair” quarterbacks. In fairness, we all have to make a living somehow but when someone has the platform of “journalism” and doesn’t have to answer for their dribble it’s pretty easy money.

  2. Kevin Flagg says:

    Talent evaluation is arguably the most important skill in the manarerial / coaching skill-set. This is true in business and in sports. Successful organizations all have people who are dependable, hard working, have character, the ability to continually improve, and the ability to ‘spark’ when the team needs it. Look at the organizations / teams who win, and who win consistently. What do they have in common? They bring in good people every year AND put them in the position that is best for them and for the team.

  3. Vince Dooley says:

    We may never know but I suspect my brothers at UGA had a little insight that Cam was a “bum”. Not that Mark hasnt brought in his share of bad kids but just saying that there is more to it than pure skills. And we are never going to say that to the press, of course. His Dad was probably shopping him around to all the SEC schools.

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