Tough Weekend for the Broncos on and off the Field

ATLANTA- At the beginning of the 2010 college football season Boise State was the predetermined Cinderella to make a run at the BCS National Championship game.  Until roughly 2 AM on the east coast Saturday morning Boise State had dreams of playing for the crystal football given to the years champion.  Rounding out the weekend in which the Nevada Wolf Pack defeated the Broncos 34-31 (OT), TCU #3 team in the BCS twists the dagger a bit deeper into Boise’s wounds.

ESPN is reporting that Texas Christian University will accept an invitation to join the Big East beginning in 2012-2013.  The Horned Frogs not only held on to their claims of being the best non-BCS school in the running for a title shot, but have but themselves in a position to improve their athletic program long into the future.

Last spring conference realignment began in full force with Colorado and Nebraska leaving the Big 12 North to enter the Pac-10 and Big-10 respectively.  Boise State and Utah later decided to test their abilities in the Mountain West Conference, former home of TCU.

The idea was that Boise State and Utah would be able to prove their worth of a BCS bowl by beating the best of the non-BCS schools.  The only problem is that TCU is now moving to another conference, which is an automatic qualifier.   It again appears like the Bronco’s will be the team on the outside looking in.

I am not sure how schools move from conference to conference and what goes on to get these deals done.  I know the conferences invite schools to join, but I am unclear if athletic directors or school presidents campaign for their institution or not.  But, having said that, I have always believed BSU needs to get into the Pac-10 or the Big-12 to gain respect from the rest of the country.  Again, I am not sure how to get this done but it appears that their relocation to the Mountain West will be a lateral move in the grand scheme of things.


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